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Pro-Life Coalition Demands Congressional Investigation for D.C. Abortion Victims

On March 25, 2022, PAAU activists Terrisa Bukovinac and…
April 12, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Human Sacrifice Is Now Legal in Indiana

Quite a headline, I know. We try not to be the clickbaity sort…
April 9, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Is Abortion the Answer When the Baby Will Die?

This article originally appeared on Sarah Terzo’s Substack.…
April 8, 2024/by Sarah Terzo

Ask a Pro-Life Atheist: Keegan R.

Once a month or so, the Secular Pro-Life blog features a short…
April 5, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Let Their Hearts Beat at the Florida Polls

"Florida's top court ushers in six-week abortion ban, but voters…
April 3, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Lyrical Analysis: “Alive Without Permission”

My song "Alive Without Permission" won second place in the 2024…
April 1, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Recap: “Myths” presentation at the University of Portland

The pro-life organization at the University of Portland (UP),…
March 29, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Sources for “Deconstructing Three Pro-Choice Myths,” presented on March 25, 2024

Today at University of Portland, SPL Executive Director Monica…
March 25, 2024/by Monica Snyder

“Oh, so are you against the death penalty?”

Periodically people will comment on our social media accounts…
March 22, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Did Dobbs make any difference? Guttmacher reports over 1M abortions in 2023

[Most of this info is also available as a Twitter/X thread here.]

March 21, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Destigmatized abortion increases the pressure to abort

Most people recognize that stigmatizing abortion increases the…
March 20, 2024/by Monica Snyder

No, Dobbs hasn’t caused “sweeping changes” in where doctors practice medicine

The Chronicle for Higher Education recently published "Medical…
March 15, 2024/by Monica Snyder