Volunteer Opportunities

If you have the time, skills, and interest, we have plenty of ways you can get more involved. Some of our most frequent needs are listed below. Please fill out our volunteer survey if you’re interested in helping with these or other areas.

Guest Bloggers – Seeking secular analyses, opinions, autobiographical pieces, and other commentary about abortion. Our blog often features discussion of peer-reviewed journal articles, new legislation, pending court cases, philosophical arguments, and personal testimonies. 

Editors – Seeking editors with an eye for both style and content. We review all guest posts before publication, but our schedules can mean the review process is the rate-limiting step in blog submissions. Volunteer editors can help keep the blog running smoothly. We strive for posts with a succinct, clear writing style which readers without any specific expertise can understand.

Graphics designers – We’re looking for designers who can (1) convert text into eye-catching posts suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and/or (2) create printable designs for protest signs and banners. Ideally the volunteer can share editable designs with us via Canva, but we’re open to other platforms. 

Content manager – Looking for a volunteer with excellent organizational skills, especially through spreadsheets, to schedule content for Facebook and Twitter up to three months in advance. We provide copy, and you ensure it’s scheduled for appropriate dates and times based on subject matter.

Store manager – Seeking a volunteer to manage our Zazzle store. We would send designs (or design ideas) which you would convert to shirts, bumper stickers, key chains, and similar products, price, and post.

Photographers – It’s important we get high quality informative and inspiring photos during as much of our in-person work as possible (most often including protests, marches, rallies, and conferences). If you have a photography background and are willing to travel, send us some examples of your work and let’s discuss.

Transcribers – Occasionally we have video or audio recordings (e.g. conference presentations, podcasts, interviews) that could use captions or transcriptions. If you can donate some time to typing and would like to be kept in mind when such needs arise, let us know.

Translators – We would love to have our blog posts, transcriptions, audio captions, and other content available in other languages, especially Spanish. 

Web Developers – We occasionally need assistance with aspects of our website beyond the technical abilities of our staff and regular volunteers. If you can be available from time to time for consulting or quick fixes, please let us know. 

Special projects – While all of the above are ongoing activities, we also have one-off projects that could use more attention. Most of them require organizational skills and some free time, but none have hard deadlines. Contact us for more details.

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