A Secular Case Against Abortion

Discussing bodily rights, biological humanity, and philosophical personhood from a secular perspective.

Building Bridges

Strategies for connecting with pro-choice and pro-life people who are different from ourselves.

Deconstructing Three Pro-Choice Myths

Extensive citations explaining how these persistent ideas are inaccurate.

Overlooked Findings of the Turnaway Study

A detailed overview of the study results that undermine pro-abortion narratives.

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How Pro-Life Is Your State?

Americans United for Life has released its annual "Life List,"…
February 21, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

We Asked, You Answered: “Self-Hating” Pro-Life Women

We asked our followers on social media: "It's your lunch break…
February 19, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Mothers deserve “a way out.” It’s why I’m pro-life.

Image credit: Stormseeker on Unsplash.

“If you struggled…
February 16, 2024/by Becca Rupp

Reminder: Create | Encounter submissions due this Saturday!

Submissions for the annual Create | Encounter art contest,…
February 14, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

“All trimester” clinic aborts up to 34 weeks, no medical indication required.

The New Yorker article "A Safe Haven For Late Abortions" combines…
February 12, 2024/by Monica Snyder

The Narrative: Being Pro-Life Isn’t Just for Christians, with Monica Snyder

Podcast Teaser: “We don’t want people to think, ‘the only…
February 9, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Ask a Pro-Life Atheist: Ashley Luna

Once a month or so, the Secular Pro-Life blog features a short…
February 7, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

The Overlooked Findings of the Turnaway Study

[This article by SPL's Monica Snyder was originally published…
February 5, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Pro-Life Groups Lobby for Child Tax Credit

Earlier this week, Secular Pro-Life was pleased to join…
February 2, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

We Asked, You Answered: Pro-Life Priorities

We asked our followers on social media: "If you were suddenly…
January 31, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

New Artificial Wombs Challenge Pro-Choice Ethicists

Photo Credit: Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

The Problem of…
January 29, 2024/by Virginia Pride

Susan Penner Interview with SPL’s Monica Snyder
January 26, 2024/by Monica Snyder