A Secular Case Against Abortion

Discussing bodily rights, biological humanity, and philosophical personhood from a secular perspective.

Building Bridges

Strategies for connecting with pro-choice and pro-life people who are different from ourselves.

Deconstructing Three Pro-Choice Myths

Extensive citations explaining how these persistent ideas are inaccurate.

Overlooked Findings of the Turnaway Study

A detailed overview of the study results that undermine pro-abortion narratives.

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Testing biological tissue for abortion drugs

Photo Credit Chromatograph on Unsplash

Two studies…
July 12, 2024/by Petra Wallenmeyer

Stories of Prenatal Diagnosis: Annie M.

A prenatal diagnosis is often accompanied by the pressure…
July 10, 2024/by Guest Blogger

Checking in on the Trump Veepstakes

Donald Trump is leading in the polls, and he is expected…
July 8, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Ask a Pro-Life Atheist: Olivia Lamoreux

Once a month or so, the Secular Pro-Life blog features a short…
July 5, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

The abortion debate no one wants to have

Photo Credit Pavol Štugel on Unsplash

The following…
July 3, 2024/by Guest Blogger

Fact-Checking the AP Fact Check

The Associated Press, in its fact check of last Thursday's presidential…
July 1, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Did Texas’ Heartbeat Law increase infant mortality rates?

A transcription of the video, with source links and post-video…
June 27, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Are we facing a blowout in November?

This article originally appeared at Created Equal and is reprinted…
June 26, 2024/by Guest Blogger

We Asked, You Answered: Coming Out as Pro-Life

We asked our supporters on social media: "An atheist in a very…
June 21, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard

Pivoting to Unwanted and Coerced Abortion: A Manifesto

The following is a reprint from Public Discourse. This article…
June 19, 2024/by Monica Snyder

Stories of Prenatal Diagnosis: Caroline H.

A prenatal diagnosis is often accompanied by the pressure…
June 17, 2024/by Guest Blogger

SCOTUS Decision Allows Mail-Order Abortions to Continue

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the FDA in Food…
June 14, 2024/by Kelsey Hazzard