Donating Stock to Secular Pro-Life is matching stock gifts up to $500! has agreed to match stock gifts up to $500 (each) for registered nonprofits like Secular Pro-Life until June 30, 2023 or until the $150,000 matching pool runs out. Now is the perfect time to minimize your tax burden and help one of your favorite pro-life orgs! Click here to get started:

Secular Pro-Life is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation. Our EIN is 27-2095596. Donations are tax deductible, and stock donations allow you to avoid capital gains taxes. Instead of paying that money to the IRS, gift it to us!

“What if I don’t have stocks to donate?”

If you can’t participate in the stock match, there are still many ways to help us out! We currently also accept donations via Paypal, Venmo, Network for Good, and Facebook (click the blue “Donate” button beneath our cover photo). Or you can donate by check to:

Secular Pro-Life
3745 27th Ave SW
Naples, FL 34117

Additionally, if your employer has an employer match program, consider selecting Secular Pro-Life as your nonprofit of choice. We are currently registered with Benevity Causes and Constellation Matching Gifts Program. If you’d like us to register with another matching program, please contact us.

Monthly Donors

All donations help, but we are especially grateful to our monthly recurring donors. Monthly donors provide us not only funding but also predictability and stability. If you want to become a member of this steadfast support team, you can designate your donation to repeat monthly in the following ways:

  1. Paypal: Click the check box “Make this a monthly donation”
  2. Facebook: Click the blue “Donate” button below the cover photo; set “Donation Frequency” to “Monthly Donation”
  3. Network For Good: Fill out all information, and under frequency choose “Monthly”

Other Contributions

We gladly accept:

  • Gifted travel miles on major airlines
  • Gift cards for travel (such as Uber, Southwest Airlines, Hyatt, or any other ride sharing, airlines, or hotels you prefer)
  • Gift cards for meals (restaurants, delivery services) to be used while traveling
  • Books from our Amazon wish list (we review children’s books on pregnancy and prenatal development)

Thank you for any and every form of support.

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